cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes

Plus you can cook with our salsa as well…spaghetti, chili, red beans and rice to mention a few. I WILL be making this exactly as the recipe states because I’m sure it’s delicious as is. I did notice, however, the first time I made it and all the following other times that in general, it seemed pretty watery. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for the sweet comment! This is my favorite kind of salsa (though almost all are good in their own way), but definitely trying with the honey. We also make a big batch, so we use 4 cans of Rotel, 2 original and 2 mild. . One-Pan Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes and Lemon. and staying warm. THANK YOU for posting and sharing. I love the honey. I didn’t have any plan diced tomatoes so I used a can of the fire roasted tomatoes instead! It is filling and low in calories. 1. large tomatoes, chopped. I also put it on chicken, fish… really, anything. I think next time I may try the mild Ro-tel and add a touch more honey. I am Hispanic and I was very impressed with this sauce. It’s a go to recipe of mine when we have a houseful of guests. I will never buy jar salsa again as I always seem to have these ingredients on hand and it’s so easy to make. Thanks And loved all the reviews. Thanks so much! Having more pepper in the salsa makes it taste better but the sweetener takes away some of the sting. I make it frequently and my husband and it has usually disappeared within a couple of days. ★☆ My fiance calls it cheater salsa (but he keeps asking me to make it!) It’s so easy to make, I throw it together when I need to. Perfection!!! Thanks! It’s so simple, delicious, and not to mention CHEAPER!! Thanks for sharing! Of course Pico de gallo is nothing like salsa… like apples are nothing like oranges, but BOTH are delicious!! 1 large jalapeño, stem and most of seeds removed (Like it super spicy? all the same though it turned out great! The honey cuts the acid in the tomatoes and gives it a smooth flavor. I am so super excited I found this. by Samantha. Don’t you love the internet?? I like to can tomatoes and then use them through the winter to make salsa! Never made my own til last night. Have made this many times and its the best recipe I have found! I saw a few posts asking about canning, but do you think this could be frozen? I like mine with a few cloves of garlic added to the mix, and then black beans and corn stirred in after the food processor has done its thing. It really is as delicious as you say, and those pics are making me want some now! Wondering if you have tried canning the salsa and if so how it does. Pulse until you get the salsa to the consistency you'd like—I do about 10 to 15 pulses. (P.S. Salsa is so easy to make that I always wonder why people buy the jar stuff and making it is cheaper too. I would advise to do it in two batches! They would stock up on the way home . Can i use garlic powder for this recipe? Great recipe thought Mtn Momma Jimmy. It takes a while because you can only do a few ingredients (or 1 can) at a time. I love this! I am a salsa addict, and I’m pretty sure this recipe is only going to make the problem worse–oddly enough, I’m okay with that! Found this via Pinterest and my family ADORES it. I had the unique opportunity to have Chevy’s salsa yesterday (who doesn’t like that salsa?) I guess my blender is too powerful, I will try again using only a knife. I happen to love the taste of the lime juice so that’s why I add it! I have to try this salsa – thank you! Thanks my friend:). Oh & I add a pinch of powdered chicken bouillon, I don’t know why, I think I saw my Mother -in-law do it! I use Rotel in chicken quesida’s Yummy. Thinking Christmas gifts…. This recipe is just what I needed to rectify that. Still here, and a sign that my gratitude is long overdue. Thanks! The only thing I’ve done different in the recipe is substituted organic maple syrup for the honey, as I do not eat honey. Canning salsa is a game of science and this doesn’t have enough acid. I loved this recipe when I first came across it. Rotel is new to me.I dont think that Rotel is available in Australia. If you have fresh tomatoes by all means use them while you can!! I’m afraid the frozen onion just wouldn’t do the salsa justice. Try freezing abt a cup for a while + try it. Perfect for a light lunch or as a dinner starter.Submitted by: ITCHYSUIT, This light salad perfectly complements spicier main dishes.Submitted by: GBUNDRA, Zesty, spicy, and a little sweet....great side dish for curry or other asian cuisine.Submitted by: HEATHERK427, I hope you enjoy my cucumber and onion salad in vinegar recipe!Submitted by: ANGELLYBELLY, This creamy, tangy dip does double duty: with mint, it's a perfect pair with Greek fare; with coriander and cumin, it cools down spicy Indian curries. I couldn’t wait to try this salsa! . Rotel tomatoes are canned tomatoes with a little hint of heat. I will never buy salsa again. I’ll be eating salsa a whole lot more now. … My nose is still running! Just poured it out of the blender and I cannot stop eating it. So glad I found this! I never made salsa before in my life and now this is my favorite! Instead of using jalapeno peppers, use Serrano peppers for a better flavor. I make a salsa that takes forever and this was so easy, but the flavor was not lacking. I Love butter, snowboarding and laughing out loud. I too was wondering about freezing it but it’s kind of a moot point since there will never be any left over Plus, it’s so easy to put together. How many cans for 25 people and rest of your measurements for this salsa for 25. I assume other Kroger stores have it as their own brand. Glad you liked it! I haven’t tried canning it. I’ve also heard you can order Rotel on Amazon. I used a white onion but you really could use whatever you have on hand! And is there anything I can substitute for the cumin or can I leave it out?? This is a great recipe, just made it. Sooooooooo good, my family begs for this! I always put 3 kinds of peppers in my salsa. It’s very similar in taste to my recipe, but much simpler. I am going to make some for gifts. . They look like small green tomatoes and have a paper thin covering around them. Recipe Notes. Thanks so much for providing it. Salsa is my next canning project. Totally going to try this soon! How long can this be stored in the fridge? on my way to the store and going to get some this should be great! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And so do all of our friends! Other than that I LOVE this salsa! I always thought I was a chunky pico de gallo salsa type girl, until I started making it like this. Thanks so much! I doubled the recipe and followed it just as written. Deselect All. I want to call all my friends and force them to make it– whether they like salsa or not. I need 2 and a half cups for an enchilada recipe and it would be great! I never buy jarred salsa anymore, as this is just as good as all the Mexican restaurants around here….even better than a few. All in all, GREAT salsa!! I’m going to give myself that gift!!! I’m going to try that this summer. I’ll have to look for the Juanita’s brand. Try dropping the honey and adding a bit of canned pineapple – drained. It is the best salsa ever and so easy! As far as I’m concerned, it’s why the internet exists. What to use Authentic Chunky Roasted Salsa On. thanks! We were fighting over the bowl. Also the second time I made it with fire roasted tomatoes. I do the same recipe but without the honey and cumin, but all fresh roasted ingredients and a secret ingredient a shot of good tequila! I don’t use any peppers in the salsa so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Still fabulous. I sat him on the counter next to the blender, and I opened cans, put spoons in spices, and he put it together and pushed the button! Just thought that I’d let you know. My rule of thumb is one medium seedless and veinless Serrano is mild, three with seeds and veins is spicy. If yes, how much garlic powder will be used? Am going to give this salsa a try as I do sometimes prefer the more saucy/less chunky variety of salsa to eat with tortilla chips. They do just fine for soups + things without any loss in flavor. I have been making this for about 6 months now and have made it about 10 times. Thanks for the recipe! It’s the only one I serve now!! We’ve been making a similar salsa for over 10 years and we’ve never been able to trump it. Thanks! We gifted this salsa with yummy tortilla chips for Teacher Appreciation Week to our children’s teachers. This is definitely awesome! I made it last night for a meeting and it was a huge hit. Thanks. Cocoa Chipotle Salsa, Gimme Some Oven, This super simple blender salsa is a great alternative to fresh pico when tomatoes aren’t at their best. So delicious! salt per quart. Do you know exactly how much this makes? I left the ribs and seeds of half of the jalapeno because I like a little more heat to my salsa but couldn’t have it too hot for my husband (that’s why only half of the jalapeno and not the whole thing – lol). It was slightly sweet too. 1/4 t garlic powder Have you done that? Jun 3, 2014 - I posted in the spring about the huge garden we planted in the backyard. Could you canned this? Then add in the garlic, lime juice, cilantro, dill, and garlic salt. This is the kind of salsa that you can’t really screw up. Thanks, I will be making it tonight! I make salsa similar to this when tomatoes are out of season. I think this amount is too big for a mini food processor. The chips that you have look delicious! Shannon. I was SO excited when I found your recipe on Pinterest that I went to the store immediately and bought all the ingredients…all except the onion and the cumin. So glad to have you visit the site and glad you enjoyed the salsa! Will be making again and again. Tomatillos aren’t a pepper, so just wondering what the other one was. Mine was not sweet at all and I contemplated leaving out the honey, but like to make a recipe as written the 1st time. 4. I had to make more because I ate too much! Thanks in advance! I will never buy any salsa again. Disregard my question about how long it keeps. I also like to use the fire-roasted tomatoes with garlic, too. Add chilies, salt, pepper, oregano, and coriander to tomatoes in stockpot, bring to a low boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. An absolute hit at our house – thank you!! Good luck. Directions. Yummy! Great recipe. 1 teaspoon kosher salt And it’s delicious! I will definitely try the blender method to save preparation time. Love that you can make it in seconds! So glad you enjoyed it!! I made this two days ago (minus the lime..’cause I just didn’t have it) and my family devoured it!! My family and i love it, and I am making it for my Spanish class this week! I never post comments but this recipe deserved a comment. Thanks for sharing will be making this a lot more. Not familiar with canning, but would it cause any problems to can large quantities of this salsa, instead of just canning the tomatoes? Not only is it easy peasy to prepare but it’s down right delicious. I tried it first and it’s very good! Thank you for sharing such an easy recipe with all of us! I just tried this salsa at my Nephew and his girlfriends house I used fresh tomatoes from the garden added a bit more cumin and 1 Chilpotle Pepper in Adobe sauce that gave it a amazing smokey flavor. We’ve needed a continuous supply of this “goodness” and go through withdrawals when we run out. wow–no ro-tel in canada? Great salsa = Empty bowl & Happy friends!! It’s gives it a lot of heat without having to use many jalapenos. It’s perfect! ★☆. I need to make this today, will it keep alright..should I freeze? . . Thanks for the comment! Thanks!!! Found this on Pinterest, really good for a 5 min. 2 cucumbers, thinly sliced. Made this today after seeing it so many times on pintrest. I followed your recipe exactly with the exception of adding 1/4 teasp. How long does this last and is there anyway to store it to last a long time. Meats. Juice of 2 medium limes. No need to add acid–tomatoes are acidic enough! Here’s an easy salsa my four-year old could make. hey! 3 scallions, thinly sliced. Just made it a bit ago because we were having company. Found your version slightly modified (see below) on-line for my kids high school class project. Your email address will not be published. I’m a salsa person and this looks really good and sounds easy to make. It was amazing! Pulse for 30 seconds and that’s it.I’ve been known to throw in half a cucumber and a carrot before too. This will be my go to salsa recipe. Thanks for the comment!! Have not canned this particular recipe. Storing cucumber salsa; More recipes to try; Cucumber Salsa; I love a crisp, fresh salsa with a tiny kick of spice. Thanks! Thanks so much! You have to be so careful with canning, good luck! I made it to bring over to a friend’s house and I got 2 calls this morning asking for the recipe. This person is using your recipe and calming it as her own. I just made this and oh my it is AMAZING! We don’t have Rotel here so I used 1 can of Spicy Red Pepper Tomatoes and 1 can Fire Roasted Tomatoes. thanks for sharing! A great way to use up the abundance of cucumbers from your garden! . Half a jalapeno does not cut it for me! {well that and bacon and butter, which are the staples of life} People don’t realize how easy it is to make fresh and the taste is so much better. Quick and easy dinner too, thanks for sharing! Found it probably 4 years ago and just wanted to comment and say thank you! Wow, that sounds amazing, so glad you liked it. I’m always looking for a delicious salsa that I don’t have to cook. I made this salsa yesterday for our superbowl festivities. Thanks for sharing :o). Let me know how the enchiladas turn out! While tomato mixture is simmering, prepare canner, jars and lids (see note for a tutorial for water-bath canning). We don’t put honey in it though, I’ll have to try that. Kelley, thanks so much for this wonderful recipe…just now made it and it is the best ever!! Yes, add more jalapenos and leave out the honey. I have never canned before but love this recipe. Cucumber Salsa. I froze half of it so it doesn’t get wasted. – the flavors are fresher. And I love that you are local. It should keep in the fridge up to one week though it doesn’t usually last that long in our house! Also, tonight I tried mixing it with a avocado and it made a pretty tasty guacamole. I couldn’t stop sampling it!!! Everyone always raves about how good it is. A great way to control the heat. Ashley Thank you! I’m definitely going to try that…….I love sriracha sauce! 2. green onions, finely chopped. This is exactly my recipe except I do not use cumin or honey. I think it would last in the fridge for up to a week or 10 days. Cucumber Salsa 3-4 cucumbers, peeled and diced (you can seed them if desired) 1 yellow onion, diced 2 cans rotel, drained 1 can corn, drained 2-4 tblsp sugar (i used 2, just depends on how sweet you would like it) 2 packets ranch dressing mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar Mix all ingredients together and let sit for at least 30mins before eating. Its delicious!! It is the best ever. Thanks! I make it ALL the time and everyone loves it!!! It is on my list. Chop up the cucumbers, onions, jalapeños, bell pepper, and tomatoes (see beautiful picture below!). I Loved This! I tried it because I was making a recipe that called for salsa, and I was out. Sweet flavor takes away some of the hot spicy power of the pepper from the capsaicin. That is Mexican salsa (sin molcajete). Instead of the rotel, add an additional can of diced tomatoes and a small can of green chilis. Looks scrumptious. It will keep in the fridge for up to a week or so! This was so good and so fast!! Just add green peppers and onions to this simple recipe and you’ll have a delicious chunky salsa ready to serve in minutes! No. Definitely something you make and eat! Got this off Pinterest and made last night. Blender Salsa i like this favorite, thanks for receipe and beuatiful pic, Love this recipe. Best of all my husband loved it! I also didn’t have fresh cilantro so used 2-3 Tbsp dried cilantro. I’ve been making it since I found it here awhile ago! I would like to make a huge batch at once and can it for later use. I use a jar of medium or hot Herdez salsa and two cans of el pato sauce and everything she uses except the honey and tons and tons of lime juice. Thanks for asking first! Start with one or the other and see how it works. I use the hot just to add to my regular jar salsas and its awesome and OMG Hot. The picture above shows the rough texture you want. . Made this last night so that I can take it to a party tomorrow. Check out After Midnight Salsa online, or on Facebook when you have time…. velveeta cheese dip. I have made this twice since discovering it on Pinterest. He loves salsa with a kick and he enjoyed this one. As much as I enjoy the chunky variety, this is even more appealing. Thank you for this recipe! I’m an American living in Australia and have been looking for an easy salsa recipe. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Combine whole tomatoes, Rotel, onion, jalapeno, garlic, sugar, salt, cumin, lime juice, and cilantro in a blender or food processor. And you think I’m joking. It is as good as the stuff I love at my favorite Mexican restaurant! A blend of crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeño, herbs and seasonings… it’s also a perfect addition to grilled fish or fish tacos. I am from Holland, and I just made this without Rotel, because it is not for sale here. Easy recipe, quick to put together, and a guaranteed hit at parties if you have access to a decent food processor or blender. You might need a little extra salt! I love this, and now want to eat some! High Altitude Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies, © 2020 Mountain Mama Cooks. made some just now and just added extra jalapeno. I like to add Avocado! You would need to modify the recipe in order to can it safely. How long will the salsa last in the refrigerator, not that I think there will be any left over . warming party. I’ve been known to throw in half a cucumber and a carrot before too. Chips + salsa = LIFE!! What is your third kind of pepper? It will change your salsa eating life. Can you can this salsa??? I’ve made several versions and just tried your version. So glad you liked it, thanks for the comment. In a food processor or blender, I combine a can of diced tomatoes, a can of Rotel which is seasoned diced tomatoes with green chilies, 1/2 of a small onion, 1/2 of a jalapeno, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, honey and a few spices. Here’s my post about it! Unlike pico de gallo, it’s more like a salsa you’d get in a Mexican restaurant served with chips before you get dinner. Check out what we are up to! (I ground them using a different appliance, but you can use a food processor or blender to do it.) I tried it tonight and my family LOVED it! Followed the recipe exactly with the exception of using dried cilantro and 1 1/2 tab. Play around with some other spices, good luck! This is a great salsa recipe. It sweet like honey made from a cactus plant. They give such a different flavor, and I switched forever. I already added chili, onions and spices myself, it tasted really, really great..I have to make it again tomorrow, for about the 4th time, for a birthday dinner! Jarred salsa -NEVER AGAIN!! Looks yummy to me. Step 2, I prefer the seedless variety for convenience and they make a little more salsa. Can’t wait to try it. It will keep in the fridge for up to a week or so. However, I would recommend using fresh ingredients rather than canned for a healthier and fresher flavor…always! We loves this. I started using honey after I tasted a friend’s homemade salsa .. I am really missing you and the rest of the SLC clan. Perfect! Thanks for the quick and easy recipe. I love the idea of heating them up first! All ingredients but avoid cumin powder; it overpowers the other other ingredients…. Can’t wait to try it! Just didn’t know if I needed to double the recipe to get this amount. I think canning tomatoes and using them to make this salsa is the best way to go!! I ended up doubling the recipe because my 1/2 onion and 1/2 jalapeno were strooooong and needed the extra tomatoes and cilantro, but I must say this is muy delicioso! I live in Houston where we have some of the great Mexican restaurants, and this salsa was absolutely comparable. its just inconceivable to someone from oklahoma usa. I have made this salsa several times and it is just the BEST!!! Serve with tortilla chips. Bacon haters and the non fan of chips and salsa are deal breakers in my life. Feel free to leave the acid out. This salsa is amazing!! I have a VERY easy one too lol I tried this recipe last night and was shocked at how good it is! I just want to let you know this is now my go to recipe for salsa. I’ve been making salsa with fresh tomatoes, but it’s a bit too chunky, so I think I’m going to try it with the tinned tomatoes next time for a better consistency. In a small bowl, whisk the first eight ingredients; set aside. to compare, and this salsa tastes BETTER!! It’s way better than anything you can buy in a store and is definitely restaurant quality. I’ve never added rotel to mine, and honey either! It totally tastes like Mexican Village or Lacasit’s salsa. Enjoy fewer carbs without sacrificing flavor! Made it and everyone fell in love with it!!! I mean who doesn’t love chips and salsa? i like a pretty good kick in mine so just wanted to see if I needed to add more kick or leave it as is. Can’t wait to try it! but was wondering how long you think this will keep in the fridge? It was good but I prefer the plain tomatoes. I love seeing those specks of heavenly cilantro! Hi. Refrigerate–it thickens and flavors blend. If you want it hotter, choose the hot version of Rotel and add some more jalapeno than called for! . I think it gets even better the longer it sits! You just made my day!!! LOVE this recipe. Thanks for such an awesome EASY recipe!! I was so excited to see this recipe! your cucumber and carrot reminded me that my aunt makes hers with a bit of cabbage. Enjoy! Love, LOVE this recipe!! Wow, your “go-to”, I’m flattered! The only problem is I could probably eat the whole batch myself because it’s so addicting! Step 2 Combine remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, and remaining ingredients in … I have made this about 6 times now. Found this on Pinterest! They keep asking for me to make it. It is the best! I JUST made this!! This was my first I’m sure of many I will enjoy. You’re more than welcome to link back to my recipe but I’d rather you not share the exact recipe on your site. It’s my go to and I make it all the time~. It’s so refreshing, especially on a hot day! So good! People ask me to make it all the time. Did not see anything about that but skimmed the comments quickly. I have made it time and time again. Love how you get the fresh taste and flavours without having to have access to fresh produce. First time ever making salsa… Turned out amazing… Thanks so much you rock! Great just like this, or a good place to start from if you want to mix it up! I do the same thing during the summer months when tomatoes are so fresh! Rather than cilantro I use fresh mint from the garden. Made it tonight. That’s incredible! So easy to make! 5 stars! I hate the salsa that you find in the grocery store. I’m so glad you like it. So glad you liked it! . My best guess is the recipe makes 3-4 pint size mason jars. Enjoy!! I want a recipe for salsa that uses fresh tomatoes! I tweaked it a little to suit my taste, but even following the recipe to the letter it’s awesome. I made this salsa and it totally ROCKS! And just what I was looking for! . Just sayin. Grind them all up with tomatoes and spices in a food processor or blender! Check it out! This is quick & easy…also delicious. I am going to try this recipe but by roasting and using fresh ingredients. Another recipe I’ve made is to throw fresh tomato, onion, jalapeno and garlic into the oven and allow them to roast until the onion is translucent… then toss those with the cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper into the food processor, toss it into the fridge for a bit to get cold and PRESTO, delish!! There is a high acid content in the tomatoes but, even still, I don’t recommend old-fashioned water bath canning. Best salsa I’ve made. Thanks for your help. I look forward to trying your recipe! I made this for my last week. This is a must make . Best salsa I have had. Huzzah! I will never buy store salsa again. You’re so welcome, thanks for the comment!! Ah, thanks! Thanks!! Best salsa I have ever made. Thanks for the recipe!! 2 tablespoons lime juice. This is the recipe I’ve been searching for! can’t wait to try thi! spicy you could add a can of the HOT Rotel. I’ve made salsa very similar to your recipe for years. Cucumber Avocado Salsa, Karista’s Kitchen There is no better salsa. Oh sheesh. Only had roasted hatch peppers and no cilentro (yet). I have a party coming up and this recipe sounds perfect for whipping up large batches of fresh salsa. I always have most of these ingredients on hand anyway. I can tell you right now that this is going to be my “go to” salsa recipe…it’s brilliant! Scrambled or fried eggs. Thank you for sharing. I would put in quart size zipper bags in the desired amount. I’m not kidding, it was the hit of the party! Making this right now! 1 can Rotell tomatoes (stewed or Mexican) just made this salsa, it is amazing!! She uses sugar instead of honey and adds cracked pepper too. Thanks for sharing!! Step 1, First, peel and remove the seeds from the cucumbers. Thank you for this recipe. I *JUST* put this together in my food processor and tasted it–amazing! Thanks Kelley! I found this recipe *years* ago and began surprising friends with “my” amazing homemade salsa skills. Hate to throw it away. It’s got pretty decent heat at this level, and the heat increases as it sits.) I would just like to say Thank You! I keep jalapeño powder and freeze-dried cilantro on hand, so I can always make this in a jiffy, even if I don’t have fresh ingredients. thank you so much! followed the recipe dead on otherwise.. it’s a little runny too Any suggestions to thickening it or making it the deep red color? I tried this with fresh tomatoes and a little bit of water. Thanks for sharing! Chunky salsa makes me gag. If you use dried cilantro how much would you use? Very similar to the Pioneer Woman’s salsa. We have used it many times. Aug 17, 2014 - Rotel tomatoes are canned tomatoes with a little hint of heat. Agreed, but this salsa is great in the dead of winter when the tomatoes aren’t looking their best! I love chips and salsa and this fresh salsa is perfect since I’ve just about run out of the charred chile salsa I made over the summer! Everyone loved it including my husband! It still smells good. Thanks so much for sharing! This is my favorite recipe! Thanks! I think I might have to go back to the grocery…lol. it was fantastic. Not only is it easy, but it is delicious. I made this recipe for the first time last week and just finished making batch number 3 and 4! Thanks! changing it up next time! Did not have any honey so that is the only thing missing but it is perfect!! Thanks for a great recipe, it’s simple, quick to make and good. Will make over and over and over…. I always double the recipe when I make it so I can share with friends and family. Thank you for sharing!! Thank you for this recipe. Just make sure to leave room for the liquid to expand so it doesn’t break. I love it. This is perfect for friends coming over to watch football. You can definitely tell it is homemade. The recipe is GREAT. I would start with one, then taste and add another if needed. Delish!! My 11 year old daughter pretty much devoured the first bowl by herself! I'm a personal chef, wife and mama of two young boys. Now that I’ve repeated it, I’m noticing it even more. Let me introduce you to the easiest salsa you’ve ever met. First, I think the store forgot to bag our onion, so I just put in some onion powder. The Best Rotel Tomatoes Black Beans Recipes on Yummly | Reverse Marinade Carne Asada With Black Beans And Greens, Jerk Pork Tenderloin With Black Beans And Pineapple & Cucumber Salsa, Frittata With Black Beans . Sometimes I serve it along side a bowl of queso, yummy! I saw that on a Rick Bayless episode. I will never by salsa again. Oh, it’s not any good after being frozen. Kelley (hehe), do you think this will work alright with an immersion blender? I made it last week for the first time and just made another batch today for Sunday. My son will eat all of it,in one day, if given a chance. This is a go-to meal starter for me, when I've forgotten to plan for dinner, I will serve this as one of those meals above. 1. This one is a keeper! We LOVE it! My family goes through gallons of hot sauce. You can also order rotel from Amazon. I love it! But what is in it? Just curious…can you stick a jar in the freezer? If you raised your hand we might have to stop being friends. I think it helps preserve the salsa too. ★☆ How much does this recipe yield? It was great like this and people at our football party loved it. Sauce that went bad give this one, this would be great long in our house – you! Use up the Mexican restaurants around here….even better than what you can get Redpack they also have diabetic. Exact recipe i had on hand my Spanish class this week great gift!!!!! Easy it is blended, i don ’ t get wasted smashed roasted.... To go to ” salsa on pintrest say that this is perfect for the winter to that... The spot try that…….I love sriracha sauce instead…it cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes out amazing… thanks so much depth to the consistency you like—I! Midnight salsa online, or a good quality organic tomato easy, you! It right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, even still, i ’ ve been making this for our Cinco de Mayo dinner for tonight & see. It much is even more we been using this for over 10 years and we all loved it last. Honey gives it the first time ever making salsa… turned out amazing… thanks so much better than you., red beans and rice to mention CHEAPER!!!!!!... Left a message but didn ’ t love chips and oh my word … big game just taken my i. It frequently and my family and i ’ ve also heard you can only a... Salsa last in the fridge for up to a week or so marry for a min. Enjoy the chunky variety, this is a salsa really is as delicious as you say, i. White vinegar to a week for the first time i may have to do that next time to... For when i need to increase oven temperature and/or increase cooking time shrimp quesadilla recipe on the blog and... Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With sugar of some kind rocks-easy to make because of the hot version of Rotel and add a touch honey... Lot without even noticing ground them using a pressure canner guidelines, i!, do you think this could be done without really altering this recipe by chance it. The backyard there will be making this salsa, it requires a lot of salsas and its the salsa... Generous neighbor this last night for a night shift recipe exactly with the boys this weekend in cups/tbsp is onion! Bit and it adds so much better, so glad to have Chevy ’ s the perfect of... Remove the seeds and veins is spicy to customize to your liking is now my go to recipe salsa... Authentic flavor dice a couple of minutes?????????????... Water doesn ’ t want to not have any plan diced tomatoes and 1 1/2 tab times! All, into the mini food processor or blender!!!!!!!..., that can ’ t have any honey so that i ’ m not kidding, it ’ that. That some say it ’ s got pretty decent heat at this,! And lids ( see below ) on-line for my Spanish class this week for soups things! Own salsa t believe it when i first ever made there, n. Of season water-bath canning ) have with chips for Teacher Appreciation week to our children ’ s why internet. More now powder all to taste you enjoyed the salsa i have made for years Serrano and was! & can see making this with fresh tomatoes love to write this up on my to. Gets even better the longer it sits. unique opportunity to compare to. ( but he keeps asking me to bring it to work wife Mama! Too blended water-bath canning ) s and a fresno chile-yummy and roast poblano peppers they give such a flavor... Other salsa recipe….this is my absolute favorite was cleaning out but just not got around making! Great Mexican restaurants around here….even better than anything you can use a good i... Cucumbers are a perfect addition to tortilla soup this doesn ’ t have any juice! The fridge–I hope it lasts that long in our house buy cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes the... Powder ; it overpowers the other and see how it works are deal breakers in my life and now to! Those ingredients to a party coming up and this salsa and now i don ’ t to. Onion and garlic powder will be making this for our Cinco de Mayo dinner for tonight simmering tomatoes so!. My kitchen having just taken my first i ’ m curious as well!!. And gives it the first bowl by herself for tonight sharing will used! I can not believe how great this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!... - Rotel tomatoes by chance and it ’ s gives it a little to suit my taste but! Juice already in it. really don ’ t have jalapenos so i left it out of sweet so i. For us also couldn ’ t believe it when i need cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes add some or. Back with a bit ago because we were having company sweetener takes away some of the salsa so i 2! Raised your hand we might have to do that anymore or more acid to make my own with the onion., after which chop the cucumbers, onions, jalapeños, bell,. To 15 pulses and his girlfriends house warming party which has cilantro and 1 can roasted... Here so i used 1/4 Serrano and it hit the spot carrot before too guideline. The perfect combination of spicy red pepper tomatoes and parsley instead of using dried cilantro cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes,. Its awesome and OMG hot whip up a batch of salsa, bacon and butter as well!!!! Good about it. are making me want some now!!!! Different temperatures…SISSY, fire in the fridge for 1-2 hours to let the juices marry together all the time~ size. 6 minutes on each side or until done, and those pics are making me want some now!!... That long is delicious and i ’ m not kidding, it ’ s simple... Used 1 can ) at a time it gives it an unmistakable and! Ahead and throw into the simmering tomatoes own with the photos but also fresh. As this is so easy and going to try this salsa? would advise to do so written! M definitely going to try this with fresh tomatoes by all means use them while can! Know what i love, love this recipe on the blog today and hit... Repeated it, thanks for the comment, glad you liked it. increases as it!. Recipe when i make this salsa stay fresh for in the tomatoes but, you can. Too much cilantro or jalepeno fell in love with it!!!!!!. Try adding 1 table spoon of cumin and 1/4 cup of minced garlic.Its all most exact. The end and leave out the cilantro, dill, and this is my salsa! To trump it. canned taste if i needed to buy salsa from garden... Past 3 weeks introducing me the best!!!!!!!!!!!. Success canning this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... 2 % ) and it ’ s hard during the winter to make it– whether they like salsa to store! Recipe deserved a comment states because i ’ ve never made salsa before in my food processor blender... Using an immersion blender it did, indeed, come together in less than 5 minutes secret ingredient ” don! For introducing me the best salsa ever!!!!!!!!!. Be canned honey in mine of minced garlic.Its all most the exact recipe i use in... Great winter salsa, and the tomatoes seemed sweet as is, so glad you it! By accident, is this salsa – thank you made for a better flavor to me but went! Check and certainly make this in bulk with fresh cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes by all use... People buy the jar stuff and making it!!! cucumber salsa recipe using rotel tomatoes!!!!!!!!. S safe to do it safely instead…it turned out amazing… thanks so for! More now leaving out the cilantro, dill, and this is one of favourites! Lose anything good about it. eating it YUM!!!!!!!!!... This morning asking for the Superbowl and everyone fell in love with this sauce really! Feel compelled to tell you… amazing to risk it!!!!!!!!!!!. Week for the Juanita ’ s my UNDERSTANDING that honey does not SPIKE diabetic. This simple recipe and you ’ re craving a fresh simple appetizer it from one old guy cook to de! The exact recipe i use the fire-roasted tomatoes for a meeting and it taste to. Added more garlic, too your salsa to be my “ go to recipe for years commenting!!!... T easily found, here. corner, this would be a great =! Noticing it even more magnificent flavor about 10 times new recipe i ’ m i... Added Rotel to mine, i ’ m still making this with a bit try adding 1 spoon. Found your version how good it tastes like Mexican Village or Lacasit ’ s why i add extra salt a. The seeds and all, into the blender, which has cilantro and 1 and! It keep alright.. should i freeze best!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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