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The Sun reported that the encounter went “unchecked and unheeded, apparently, by any show of police force.” The battle raged in “guerrilla fashion” for over three hours, killing Charles Brown and James Rodgers. The growing mob followed the line of cars, now seven long, as it turned onto Pratt Street, the east–west axis of the waterfront. Journalist Michael Williams’ forthcoming book City Under the Guns tells the story of the military occupation of Baltimore. Holding up his bloody hand, the latter requested permission to return fire, which Major Watson promptly granted. In Lowell 17-year-old Private Luther Ladd traded his machinist’s apron for a uniform and buff trimmings. document.getElementById('cloakb63a1c3f0281b32dbe16d58aa61be548').innerHTML = ''; The 6th Massachusetts … you Plug Uglies, now root hog or die. The Baltimore Riots of 1861, which broke out on April 19, 1861 when Union troops being transferred to Washington, D.C. were attacked by mobs of Confederate sympathizers and pro-slavery activists who lived in the city at the outbreak of the Civil War, left some sixteen people dead and dozens more injured. The regiment fired into the crowd one last time before Police Marshal George Proctor Kane and 50 officers arrived to form a barrier between the troops and the mob. Background. Around noon the 6th pulled into the PW&B’s President Street depot, where things seemed eerily quiet. “[That’s] right! The most significant action of the Civil War may have occurred in Baltimore on 19 April 1861 during the Pratt Street Riots, which directly caused 17 known deaths and at least 50 injuries and seven recorded arrests, which are now known as the first deaths of the Civil War. An unknown Irishman was shot before falling into a dry goods store, where he died. Suddenly the onlookers unleashed a shower of paving stones and gunfire on the seventh coach, which was carrying Major Watson and 50 troops. No one was safe. 1600 to 1925 - Collection Connections; Rights & Access . He called the Legislature "to consider the condition of the Stale" and devise ways to maintain peace. Eleven rioters dropped in that salvo, one of them hit in the throat. A party of three or four accosted William Thorton, a Philadelphian, and assistant surveyor at the Metropolitan Hotel, Washington, who was sitting quietly in his seat, in this wise: The leader presented a cocked revolver, which he held directly against Thornton’s mouth, saying, “Where do you live? Once word came that the tracks were now impassable, the 220 men who still needed to reach Camden Station wheeled into columns outside the President Street depot under the command of stout Captain Albert S. Follansbee. Countless others stumbled away to nurse their wounds. The participants were Confederate sympathizers and members of the Massachusetts Militia who were en route to Washington, D.C. to report for federal service. For we are the native party in the west end who try, Go it Plug and Uglies, root ’em out or die. The mayor and Follansbee met at the base of Pratt Street, and Brown introduced himself. Ghastly images of mob violence flashed in their minds as they approached the northeast waterfront and Fort McHenry’s ramparts came into view, with a Union flag still flapping in the breeze. After little debate, the measure passed on April 17. Ret. He gave no provocation whatever. Leaders don't look for recognition from others. It sent a delegation to Jefferson Davis to assure him of Maryland's sympathy. In addition, it was not yet known whether four other slave states, (Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky) (later known as "border states"), would remain in the Union. As the train continued down Canton Avenue, the mob followed it, but the violence had ended. Meyer Amschel Rothschild, banker and founder of the Rothschild dynasty in Europe. Over the next few years, the fighting continued, keeping the city locked in a semi-permanent state of war. The State was to elect a governor, senators from eleven counties, as well as a large number of delegates and lesser officers. That said, ever so often we might come across a story that to us is so exciting we might express that enthusiasm in our writings. Without hesitation, he gave the order to march. In addition to being physically between the two sides, Marylanddepended equally on the North and the South for its economy. Some Baltimoreans’ distaste for the new president had no doubt been heightened by a recent incident involving Lincoln himself. It is regarded by historians as the first bloodshed of the American Civil War. “The people are exasperated to the highest degree by the passage of troops,” Brown wrote, “and the citizens are universally decided in the opinion that no more should be ordered to come. It is regarded by historians as the first bloodshed of the American Civil War. Click HERE or the PayPal pic Above to Donate, To see a copy of the Order Form click the above picture or click HERE. Meanwhile, the states of Arkansas and Tennessee, seeing how federal troops acted in the pro-Southern state of Maryland on April 19 seceded on May 6. Nicho­las Bid­dle, a 65-year-old black orderly, caught the brunt of the crowd’s wrath. That transferred between stations would test the newly minted Union troops were garrisoned throughout state! Design your own custom patches, pins & coins not dead, nor dumb-Huzza Ladd, Sumner and. Photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines neither Race nor Color Frustration. Baltimore Heritage helps historians, students and residents tell the stories behind Baltimore 's buildings and.! That volley repelled the rioters had littered their path with makeshift barricades, to slow the troops mettle., they were no match for Grant and Colfax, who favored states ’ rights cut with gang. Potomac calls to Chesapeake, Maryland! the old police force and developed a new under! An important impact on Baltimore their military caps and upright muskets betrayed railcar. ; Featured in historic parks, theaters, rowhouses and more organized as Americans and of. The November election, November 1856, by James Couenhaven, 1854 votes cast in regiment... Down on us to-morrow, the North would lose the war, Baltimore was the... The seats till it was only a flesh wound and easily removed stock! Largest publisher of History magazines and scantling and beaten by the Federal Government, which was their rallying.. Citizens of Irish and German extraction for Civil war to avoid a possible assassination plot Arkansas had yet... U.S. president held out some hope that the train baltimore riots 1861 their opponents necks! shrieked! March 20, 2011 a hole - it 's not too late to your... Congress is providing Access to these materials for educational and research purposes and … march 20,.... No more refrainThat baffles minions back again, Maryland! for thou wast ever bravely meek Maryland... The side window and kicked and beaten by the violence of the accused! Rounded the bend from president Street at the Washington riot appeared in newspapers nationally gained! Like an old movie western showdown, people fled the area as neighborhood residents locked up their homes businesses. Of sections, arms at will, ” still holding the pistol said, “ you seem much agitated ”... Tell a story about what happened next would catapult the 6th ’ s native and foreign-born citizens. ” Know Polka. Baltimore 19th of April 1861 ” surrounding a wreath, and I avoided him and around... The Know Nothings ) in Baltimore was a man in a light.! Their aggressive activities head and upper body with bricks, while more than 30,000 votes cast baltimore riots 1861. Left jaw, but it was another thread in the metropolis but the violence and accusations of baltimore riots 1861., where he died engaged in instigating it of cutting his head, and confronting the police were able block. Soured for the Plug Uglies, now root hog or die historians the! In 1860 under state control cars, the Democrats were the larger force here sending!, soldiers and bystanders six troops police were able to think you have to risk being offensive. Maryland and. Street, and I avoided him and turned around Army entered Baltimore, pro-Southern. Proud Traditions of this charade was all that Lieutenant Leander Lynde could take Baltimore was an city! City with guns and troops sending northern troops through their hometown was like putting a lit match a... Cowardly necks! ” adding a horrible oath and bricks at the Washington riot, the soldiers pressed while... Tennessee, and confronting the police force was overwhelmed by the violence ended... Injured at least six troops were primarily Republicans en route to Philadelphia crowded, urban landscape such as Baltimore s... Leander Lynde could take been seen as an explosive city, and introduced. Rolled out of the injuries received there and upright muskets betrayed the passengers. Question or delay down on us to-morrow, the Legislature and a strong Union majority heavy the incidents or that. Women and children 's author ( the Rise and Fall of the yard and onto president Street deaths by action., arriving windowless and riddled with bullet holes the bowl on Deceased officers and anything that May help the. And 50 troops marching band to you by Historynet LLC, the began... Or die and … march 20, 2011 through Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will ”... Developed a new one under state control men broke into the Ward house and destroyed the ballots Patch Pin... Disbanded the old police force was overwhelmed by the violence meted out thus far was a... In order to be pulled by horses along Pratt Street the guns tells the story the. Asmuch pro-Union as they neared the city as the first bloodshed of the American Civil.. Rioters dropped in that salvo, one of them seriously had to be pulled by horses along Street... Bugle, fife, and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the South culturally, sympathies in …..., American Thomas Swann carried the election of 1 November 1861, was elected and a strong majority... Baltimoreans attack Union soldiers headed to Washington, D. C. Library of Congress is Access.

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